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Your Personal Horoscope - Sun Sign and Ascendant Sign

With Aquarius as your Sun Sign

Aquarius is a fixed air sign.  Aquarians are naturally independent and despite being friendly in nature, they are also very private and dislike having this privacy invaded. Their natural inclination is to help others but they do it in a cool, logical and unemotional way; you are a true humanitarian. With the Sun in Aquarius you are also very forward looking and rather unconventional. You have a rebellious streak and thoroughly enjoy being seen as unique or different, this approach to life spreads through your whole being, from the style and colour of the clothes that you wear to the music that you listen to. Quite naturally, you may shock or surprise those who are naturally more conservative than you are; here is the true reformer of the zodiac. You need to ensure that your rebellious nature and insistence on holding unconventional views does not become fanaticism and a refusal to change your opinions. You can be either original or eccentric, probably a mixture of both and often adept with technology and interested in science.

With Aquarius as your Ascendant

The fixed air sign of Aquarius rising at the time of your birth indicates a need to view yourself and your life from a detached perspective. You are enigmatic at times, often able to take a mental step backwards so to speak, to assess  exactly where you are and where you are going, from an unemotional viewpoint. This ability enables you to sidestep obstacles and prevent yourself from becoming embroiled in circumstances or bound by responsibilities that you would rather avoid. Your approach to life is generally unconventional and free-minded and friendly to others. You need your own space and the freedom to make your own choices and decisions, and you are also prepared to grant the same freedoms to others. You do have a need to be, and to be seen as, different from the norm, any attempts by others to bind you to a course of action or limit your freedom of self-expression will reveal the rebellious and uncompromising side of your nature, and  you will, one way or another break away from whatever it is that is placing limitations upon you. You are fiercely stubborn, and this pig-headedness can cause you problems; sometimes you do need to compromise.

You often suffer from a conflict of being independent and also having a need for love in your life. Your ideal partner will be someone who can take a back seat while you do your own thing. By the same token you need to realise that some sacrifice is needed for any relationship to flourish. Aquarians can either become very inward looking when they are not feeling well which can lead to hypochondria, then again their need to be different can lead them to be interested in the latest cure, or they may just be stubborn and ignore that their symptoms completely. Those with Aquarians ascendants need to exercise regularly as their sign rules the circulation which in turn affects the health of one’s heart.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. The aspects and house position of this planet will be of particular importance in your chart.

Your Week ahead - 1st Mar until 7th Mar 2017

You're being urged by the planets not to rely on money or on the material world so much, and this week you may realise that it this is indeed true. Do you have to own things to be really happy? A social engagement may be cancelled, the date may be changed or a trip you had planned to may have to be rearranged. Friends may be involved in the decisions or changes that have to be made. Relationships may be affected by how you communicate, and you will learning that a more diplomatic and conciliatory tone will work much better than an aggressive one. Think before you speak.