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Solar Eclipse of 26th Feb 2017

This video explains how the coming solar eclipse will affect us all over the coming six months. It will be helpful if you know your natal Ascendant sign in watching it…

Jupiter Retrograde - Using what we know to move ahead.

Transiting Jupiter moving retrograde is in my opinion the dominant planet in the sky above us right now. The reason is that Jupiter is making a series of aspects to several other planets, a sextile to Saturn, square to Pluto, trine to the Sun, inconjunct to Chiron, quindecile to Venus and opposition to Uranus.

Now normally Jupiter is an expansive and optimistic influence, but remember that it's retrograde now, so any growth that we experience will be inner growth connected to matters that have already touched us in some way. As I have mentioned so many times in the past, retrograde motion allows us to revisit situations or review something that has affected us before. You will benefit the most now by using knowledge already acquired to achieve your goals, or by going back to projects you have tried out in the past to further your current situation. You may fall back on your faith for guidance and comfort or you may have to abide by rules and regulations that you have encountered and well understand. Even if you are travelling, you may be tempted to return to a place that you have already visited.

There are changes and risk in the air through these aspects, no doubt about it especially with the opposition to Uranus - be careful though not to overstretch yourself under this aspect. Jupiter is not direct and so lucky breaks and fortune are not so easy to find now. Moving forward through taking a gamble may not be the best solution. The square to Pluto and the inconjunct to Chiron will initiate a long term adjustment that will eventually wipe away the past so that we can see the future, and stability and slow growth is possible too via the sextile to Saturn, so long as we can marry the past with the future. That may not be so easy to achieve, but it's what I advise you to search out.

The actual word I am looking for is familiarity, and that something I think that we will be on the look out for to make us feel optimistic, settled and on the road to improvement. What we will not want to see now are brand new situations that we have not seen before. They will almost certainly unsettle, irritate or maybe hurt us, especially in the next couple of days with Chiron perfecting it's inconjunct aspect to Jupiter.

Watch out this week for difficult situations connected to faith and religion, the law, education (especially higher education and universities), race relations and diversity as well as international spats between nations and leaders which are also highlighted via the fleeting Venus quindecile.

Neptune - A personal story

In this article I look at the effect of Neptune on everyone. Neptune is seen in some circles as this dreamy, spiritual, creative influence on people, but Neptune has a much darker side that I investigate through personal experience…