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Your Personal Horoscope - Sun Sign and Ascendant Sign

With Cancer as your Sun Sign

The Sun is in the cardinal water sign of Cancer in your chart. With the Sun in this sign, you are very much someone who lives on your emotions. You are impressionable and sympathetic to others and able to listen patiently, but when your own feelings are hurt, you can be very moody and irritable. You tend to protect your feelings and emotions behind a hard exterior shell, just like a crab. Your family and roots are important to you, but you need to develop your own  individuality. You will have a strong parental instinct and will be protective and supportive to your children. If you have no children, this will probably be expressed in some other area of your life. You can be very tenacious when pursuing your goals, or holding on to a relationship or other situation, perhaps too long at times. If this tenacity is carried to extremes, you may have a tendency to hang on to real or even imagined hurts.

With Cancer as your Ascendant

The cardinal water sign of Cancer was rising at the time of your birth, indicating that you are sensitive  and  reserved in your approach to others, although you may have learned at an early age to protect your sensitivity behind the hard outer shell of the crab. You have a naturally caring and sympathetic nature,  and you like to take care of those who are close to you, you have an instinctive understanding of their emotional needs and you may see anyone or anything your protective circle as a threat. Cancer is a cardinal sign, so for anyone in that circle, you will give out great energy and bonhomie. That close circle may not be just family orientated, it can be vocationally focused too.    

This same emotional sensitivity makes you vulnerable, however, since not everybody has the same consideration for your feelings as you have for theirs. You will tend to hide any hurt or emotional pain behind a hard exterior, and to approach situations indirectly rather than risk a direct confrontation. You may have a tendency to cling to any hurt or slight, whether real or imagined, and you will need to learn to accept your sensitive emotional nature and channel it in some positive direction. You are natural worriers and the slightest ailment will cause great alarm within you, which may cause even more psychological problems.

Those with Cancerian ascendants love their food and are often formidable cooks, and within partnerships Cancerian ascendants show much ambition for their partners, and may push them to reach higher and achieve more and more.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, as the ruler of your Ascendant, this planet is of particular importance in your chart.

Your Week ahead - 1st Mar until 7th Mar 2017

This is the week of big ideas and of opening your mind to the countless possibilities around you. Your relationship with the wider world is important for now and maybe contact with people from another country, culture or belief can set you up and take you in a brand new direction? It's time to review your work, in how you work, who you work with, and how you relate to the wider general public. It might be that you have to re-do a project, if so don't be frustrated, it's all part of the wider plan for you. Put your head down, get grafting and your boss will be happy.